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Why not buy a gift voucher for someone special in your life.  

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Half Hr Trial Flight


This flight is designed as an introduction into microlight flying and is ideal for those who may not be quite so sure about it all.  A gentle flight staying local to the airfield will soon displace any previous concerns or misconceptions.

One Hr Trial Flight


This flight is designed for the more adventurous and enthusiastic.  Taking the form of a tour of the beautiful Derbyshire Dales, head West over the waters of Carsington Reservoir and onto glorious Dovedale or follow the winding Derwent North, over Cromford and Matlock Bath to the splendors of Chatsworth House.

90 mins Trial flight


The Dambusters run.

Follow the route of the famous Dambuster 617 squadron. Tracking in over Howden reservoir to line up on the iconic towers of the Derwent dam.  This trip also takes in the scenic beauty of the Kinderscout plateau and hope valley.  




Training takes place throughout the year (weather permitting) on modern four stroke powered aircraft. We offer training times to suit both the individuals work and family commitments and operate a policy of 'pay as you go' have a lesson-pay for a lesson, so no large expense for flights that for one reason or another may never materialise.

The school provides all the personal equipment required i.e. flying suit, intercoms, helmet and gloves and is free to use whilst ever you are undergoing training.


Should you wish to know more, or just like a look around and a chat with the Instructor do please give us a call and we'll have the kettle on for your arrival.



Microlighting is probably the most exhilarating form of powered flight, being very light maneuverable and easy to fly aircraft they are often operated from any reasonable level farmers field and with over 500 such airfields dotted around the UK, an 'away day' can take on a whole new perspective.

With modern microlights being able to cruise at 80-mph and with a range in excess of 300 miles on a single tank of fuel many British microlight pilots make regular forays into Europe and beyond, some having even flown to Australia.

Being located 6 miles to the North of Derby on the frindges of the beautiful Derbyshire Dales, Ram Air is ideally situated for an introduction to this fascinating past time and with pilots at the club ranging from a young lady of 21 years to a gentleman in his mid 70's this really is an activity for all.

Should you not aspire to be a pilot but feel you, or someone you know would simply like to 'have a go' please take advantage of our gift voucher scheme.


Located 6NM N E Derby and 3NM W of Ilkeston

52 58N / 01 22W

Airfield is located beneath East Midlands CTA

PPR for first visit. Microlights only.

Tea and coffee available.

Fuel by prior arrangement

Operator: Ian Barlow, Ramair, Microlights


07974 466923

Airfield 400' AMSL

Runways: Grass 01/19, 350m

Upslope North to South runway.

Adjacent to farm, stables to the east.

Powerlines to the west.

Heli modelling to NW of runway.

Join overhead at 1000'AGL, no deadside.

Descend in circuit, 01 LH, 19 RH 500'

Windsock: Orange, west of the runway.

Footpath crosses the strip.

Note no fly zones as marked, avoid villages to the South and East.



39 Hobson Drive


Derbyshire DE7 4LJ



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